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Brandi Hopper, The Literacy Acrobat

Hello, my name is Brandi and I am the Literacy Acrobat. Congratulations on taking the first step in ensuring your child’s academic success. A little about me: I am a Special Education teacher with Chicago Public Schools. I teach kindergarten, first-, second- and third-grade. I earned my M. Ed at DePaul University in 2016 and I have an LBS1 (Learning Behavior Specialist endorsement). I am also a graduate of the Academy for Urban School Leadership program.  

My Then …

I love what I do and it truly is a calling. One incidentally, that I’d run from for some time. I began as a journalist, writing for a newspaper, a few television stations and a website, over my more than a decade in that field. Success in my career required me to be well-informed, which more than anything required me to be well-read. I’d always taught, though. I’d taught Sunday school, I’d taught kids I babysat for, tutored in after-school programs, substitute taught sometimes at a local school… I taught my own child. But my full time was spent on the news. And what dire news it often was. The saying ‘if it bleeds it leads,’ it’s true. So much crime. Crime, often perpetrated against and by people who look like me. That set a fire beneath me for teaching. More specifically, for teaching literacy. There is such vital information – for some, life-saving information – that remains out of reach for many because it is hidden … hidden in the written word.

My Now…

I know that education is synonymous with freedom, figuratively and often quite literally. A student who can’t read on grade level by 3rd grade is four times less likely to graduate by age 19 than a child who does read proficiently by that time. Of those drop-outs, one in 10 will end up incarcerated, compared with 1 in 35 of his graduating peers. (Report commissioned by Annie E. Casey Foundation). The difference is made in education. There is a passion and a sense of urgency in my teaching because your son or daughter’s literacy is an urgent matter. The clock is ticking to get your child’s reading and comprehension skills to a level that will allow success in coming grades. If you are reaching out on behalf of a pre-K or kindergartener, you’re right on time. If your student is a first- or second-grader, or beyond… your kid doesn’t have a moment to lose. The jump is coming — that crucial leap between second and third grade. Seize the summer!


Brandi Hopper

The Literacy Acrobat